The Imaginary School returns

Throughout April, we return with The Imaginary School to Espacio Checoeslovaquia.

The Imaginary School is a training project created by La Llave Maestra, as a practical way of sharing experiences, reflections and methodologies of the creative and research work that the company has developed during its 14 years of work.

This training space will be a space for research into the scenic principles of gestural and visual creation.

Through play and movement, we will search for the infinite expressive and poetic possibilities of objects, materials, the body, space, music and gesture, to put them at the service of surprising visual stage creations that carry deep meanings and do not need text as the axis for creation.

Visual Theatre is a language of great scenic possibilities, which can provide powerful tools for theatre, dance, puppeteers and circus artists, as it opens the doors of non-verbal communication, entering the vast territories of the imagination, the improbable and the inexhaustible poetry of the image.

Our theatre seeks the dramatic and expressive relationship between the performers, the materials and the objects, to put them at the service of the creation of poetic, surprising and fantastic shows, which open the mind and the perception of the spectator towards new scenic and imaginary possibilities.

You can check the methodology, contents, teachers and all the details of the programme in the training dossier HERE


From 1 to 25 April 2024. Monday to Thursday from 15 to 19 hrs.

Free of charge for those who participate.


Theatre, dance, circus and puppet artists with previous stage experience.


On Thursday 28th March we will notify by mail the 20 people that the company will select.