Parallel to the creation of shows, La Llave Maestra constantly develops other creative projects in various artistic languages, both within the company and in collaboration with other institutions and artists. Always experimenting and creating from the seal of the company where the game, surprise and simplicity, unveil poetic universes where reality acquires new meanings.

Multidisciplinary shows, operas, dance, contemporary circus, short animation films, video dance or photography are some of the creative projects that the company has developed in collaboration with artists and theaters in Chile and Spain such as; CircusTanzia Company (Spain), La Ortiga TDS (Spain), Circo del Mundo (Chile), Teatro del Lago (Chile), Diminuto Circus (Chile), Centro Cultural de España (Chile), Subhira (Chile) among others.

La voz de los 80

In 2022, Álvaro Morales, co-director of La Llave Maestra is called by the company El Circo del Mundo Chile, to write and direct the work La Voz de los 80, a contemporary circus and visual theater show that stages life in the 80’s in a Chile struggling to end the dictatorship.

La Voz de los 80 is a circus journey into the memory, a remembrance in fragments, images and movement, the turbulent decade of the 80’s, a Chile darkened and wounded by the mantle of dictatorship, which begins to lose its fear to rise up with hope and strength for a free and democratic country. The powerful music of Los Prisioneros is the soundtrack that reactivates memories and relives the crucial moments of a tragic and contradictory decade. Circus, dance and theater intermingle to create an intense, moving and necessary show to remember a fundamental part of our history.

Premiering at the Teatro Nescafé de las Artes in June 2022, La Voz de los 80 emerges as an innovative show within the Chilean circus scene and joins the body of stage works commemorating the 50th anniversary of the coup d’état in Chile.

La Voz de los 80 is the second collaboration between Álvaro Morales and Circo del Mundo, since in 2007 Álvaro created and directed Sub Zirko, one of the emblematic works of Circo del Mundo.


Álvaro Morales/Artistic Director & Dramaturgy

Úrsula Campos/Dance-Acrobatics-Airborne
Oriana Gutiérrez/Dance-Acrobatics-Aerial
Valentina Weingart/ Danza-Acrobacia-Aéreo
Cristian Marín/Dance-Acrobatics-Airborne
Alex Carreño/Danza-Acrobacia-Rueda
Felipe Paz/Dance-Acrobatics-Bicycle
Rony Oliva/Dance-Acrobatics-Malabares

Alejandra Jiménez-Germán Liñero-Francisco Alvarado/Original Idea
Francisco Alvarado/General Producer
Cristóbal Montes/Musical Creation
Álvaro Morales y Cast/Choreographies
Josefina Cifuentes/Integral Design
Catalina Salas/Costume Design and Production
Monserrat Cavieres/Assistant Designer
Daniela Espinoza/Costume design and realization
Nicole Salgado-Felipe Ramos/Set design and production
Daniela Torreblanca/Circus apparatus technical director
Nilton Gutiérrez/Set up, technique, lighting and scenography
Iván Muñoz/Graphic Design The Circus of the World
Germán Liñero/Audiovisuals
Isadora Arenas/Communications The Circus of the World
Jorge Gómez/Photographs
Sylvia Arriaza – Pablo Arriaza/Project Financial Administration


In 2010, the Spanish contemporary circus company Circus-tanzia commissioned Edurne and Álvaro to create and direct a new show for the company. From this process of collaboration and creative exchange was born FRÁGIL, a multidisciplinary work that brings together circus, dance and visual theater, to stage a poetic show that makes us travel inside 3 characters and their intimate processes of growth.

To be born, to grow, to learn, to walk, to fall and to get up again. Living to discover the way to our most subtle, intimate and personal universe. Fragile is a physical and visual journey into the inner universe of 3 characters who face the contradictions of the process of growth and search for their own identity. Through circus, dance and image, these 3 characters make a journey through their loneliness, their fears, hopes, doubts, strengths and weaknesses, in order to know themselves and find a connection with their humanity.

Dramaturgy and Direction: La Llave Maestra

Original Idea: Maribel Martinez

Cast: Maribel Martinez, Juan Napal, Aintzane Baleztena

Sub Zirko

In 2007, the first generation of professional circus artists trained in Chile graduated from the professional school El Circo del Mundo Chile. For the creation of his graduation show, El Circo del Mundo called Alvaro Morales, co-director of La Llave Maestra, to write and direct the play Sub-Zirko destinos bajo tierra, a contemporary circus and visual theater show that depicts the hard life of miners in northern Chile in the early twentieth century.

Since its premiere in June 2007 at Parque Bustamante in the Circo Sub Zirko tent, it has quickly become a reference for the national circus arts due to its quality and innovative staging.

SubZirKo immerses us in the mining world of Chile, taking us to typical situations and moments of this work universe. As a form of homage, this production wanted to highlight the valuable and self-sacrificing task that thousands of workers who go deep into the earth and mountains perform every day throughout our territory.

Set in the early twentieth century, SubZirko takes us as spectators to subway scenarios where we can see the sacrifice and effort of mining workers, their family and emotional relationships, their moments of success, joys and celebrations as well as the constant stalking of danger and death.

SubZirKo was premiered in November 2007 as a result of the first graduating class of the Circus of the World Circus School of Circus Arts and in 2019 obtained a FONDART of scenic heritage for its revival at the M100 cultural center.

Sub Zirko performed in Chile, Brazil, Argentina and Peru.