PAREIDOLIA is the ability of the mind to recognize concrete figures in abstract forms, as when we look at clouds, stains on the wall or the grain of wood.

When things are not what they seem,

When you look closely and a jacket becomes a singer, a tutu becomes an ostrich, a plastic becomes a volcano.

Bodies in continuous transformation, shapes that come to life, seas of plastic that dance like giant waves.

A poetic and comic universe that remains waiting to be discovered in our daily lives.

A journey into the imagination without words where it is only necessary to observe playfully the things that surround us to discover their stories”.

PAREIDOLIA is a visual and sensorial show, where the expressive force of the work lies in its creativity and in the constant game of transformation of the scenic elements at the service of surprising associations, analogies and visual metaphors, capable of creatively involving the spectator and inviting him to let go of the moorings of logical thought to enter directly into the living experience of the senses and the oneiric.

PAREIDOLIA talks about the ability to “see” and “observe” reality and how if we change our gaze, our perception of reality changes and therefore changes our sense of reality, opening the everyday to a world of creative, poetic and full of new meanings that have always been at our side but we fail to “see” or perceive.

The work is a scenic experience that appeals to the spectator’s senses, stimulating their curiosity and amazement, with the objective of opening the audience’s imagination, taking them to suggestive scenic spaces that the same spectator completes with their own history and life experience.

Premiered in August 2018, PAREIDOLIA has performed nearly 100 performances throughout Chile and in theaters, fairs and festivals in Belgium, Holland, Spain, United States, Mexico, Panama, Colombia, Venezuela, Bolivia and Brazil, always obtaining an excellent reception both from the public and the press, for its surprising language and poetic staging.


Autor: Alvaro Morales, Edurne Rankin
Dirección: Álvaro Morales, Edurne Rankin
Cast: Edurne Rankin, Maximiliano Muñoz, Marcela Burgos, Alejandro  Nuñez, Max Pertier
Research Cast: Edurne Rankin, Mario Espinosa, Max Pertier, Francsca Artaza.
Music: Gorka Pastor
Set design: La Llave Maestra
Set design: Eduardo Jimenez, Odile Pothier, La Llave Maestra
Costume Design: Edurne Rankin
Costume designer: Edurne Rankin, Ximena Bascuñan
Lighting Design: Álvaro Morales
Production: La Llave Maestra

Ministerio de las Culturas y las Artes de Chile

 «”That a cardboard box or a plastic bag can become a spaceship or the blue sea, are gadgets of homo ludens that we soon lose, socialized in the painful trance of incorporating into adult life.
Going to see Pareidolia is an invitation to be free again from the value of the use of things, to be children again.”

Rodrigo Hidalgo / El desconcierto / Chile