Parallel to the creation of shows, La Llave Maestra constantly develops other creative projects in various artistic languages, both within the company and in collaboration with other institutions and artists. Always experimenting and creating from the seal of the company where the game, surprise and simplicity, unveil poetic universes where reality acquires new meanings.

Multidisciplinary shows, operas, dance, contemporary circus, short animation films, video dance or photography are some of the creative projects that the company has developed in collaboration with artists and theaters in Chile and Spain such as; CircusTanzia Company (Spain), La Ortiga TDS (Spain), Circo del Mundo (Chile), Teatro del Lago (Chile), Diminuto Circus (Chile), Centro Cultural de España (Chile), Subhira (Chile) among others.


In 2019, Teatro del Lago invited La Llave Maestra to carry out the integral design and stage co-direction, together with choreographer Esdras Hernández, of the famous play Peter and the Wolf by Sergey Prokofiev.

A contemporary adaptation of the original work, Peter and the Wolf by Teatro del Lago is a multidisciplinary show that organically blends music, theater and dance to create a surprising spectacle that brings together more than 60 artists and students from the Escuela de las Artes and the Ensamble Teatro del Lago, as well as guest musicians, all under the baton of Spanish director Miguel Morán.

Addressing themes such as bullying, integration and collective judgment, Peter and the Wolf reflects from movement and image on how we relate to each other as a community and how prejudices create divisions and conflicts that alienate and divide us.

Premiered in August 2019 at Teatro del Lago, Peter and the Wolf was a milestone in theater productions, thanks to its careful visual language and surprising staging that captivated audiences of all ages. At the same time, it was the beginning of an artistic collaboration between Teatro del Lago and La Llave Maestra that is still alive today, collaborating in 3 major productions; Peter and the Wolf, La Chamaniña y el Viejo Lobo de Mar and the opera Pinocchio.


Music: Serguéi Prokófiev
Screenplay adaptation: Esdras Hernandez y La Llave Maestra
Musical Director: Miguel Morán
Stage Direction, Lighting, Costumes and Scenography: La Llave Maestra
Chorus Direction: Quim PIqué
Choreography Direction: Rita Rossi
Dance Cast: Students of the Teatro del Lago dance school
Forest: Students of the Teatro del Lago chorus schools