Founded in Pamplona, Spain in 2010 and based in Chile from 2013 to date.

Founded in Pamplona, Spain in 2010 and based in Chile from 2013 to date, La Llave Maestra was born as a space for research and interdisciplinary creation around visual poetry and its enormous capacity to evoke meaning through image, movement and the poetic transformation of objects and materials.

Since then, we have created 5 original shows: Bestiary, Deliriums of Paper, Nomads, Children from Winnipeg and Pareidolia. These shows have toured in 17 countries and are constantly present in the programs of Theatres, Fairs and Festivals in America, Europe and Asia.

At the same time, La Llave Maestra has directed and made the integral design for opera, dance, circus and theatre shows for outstanding theatres and companies in Chile and Spain, such as Teatro del Lago, El Circo del Mundo Chile, La Ortiga TDS among others.

Another fundamental space of the company is the creation of pedagogical spaces where La Llave Maestra shares its vision of visual and gestural poetry, through workshops, laboratories and research and training schools. These formative spaces have been developed in Chile, Spain, Belgium, France, Taiwan, United States, Brazil, Bolivia and Costa Rica.

La Llave Maestra has obtained support for the creation, research, dissemination and circulation of their work: MINCAP Ministry of Culture of Chile, Dirac Directorate of Cultural Affairs of Chile, Pro Chile, Iberescena, INAEM (Spain), Teatro Gayarre de Pamplona, Centro Cultural de Burlada Navarra-Spain, Casa de la cultura de Noain Navarra-Spain, Casa de la cultura de Mutilva Navarra-Spain.