Parallel to the creation of shows, La Llave Maestra constantly develops other creative projects in various artistic languages, both within the company and in collaboration with other institutions and artists. Always experimenting and creating from the seal of the company where the game, surprise and simplicity, unveil poetic universes where reality acquires new meanings.

Multidisciplinary shows, operas, dance, contemporary circus, short animation films, video dance or photography are some of the creative projects that the company has developed in collaboration with artists and theaters in Chile and Spain such as; CircusTanzia Company (Spain), La Ortiga TDS (Spain), Circo del Mundo (Chile), Teatro del Lago (Chile), Diminuto Circus (Chile), Centro Cultural de España (Chile), Subhira (Chile) among others.


In 2021, Teatro del Lago invites La Llave Maestra for the third time to create, direct and design one of the Theater’s productions. Thus begins the adventure of the opera Pinnochio, a project of great proportions that will take place during a 2-year process (2022 and 2023), with a first premiere of the reduced version in December 2022 and the premiere of the full opera on November 3, 2023 at Teatro del Lago.

Pinocchio is an opera based on the famous work by Carlo Collodi and inspired by our traditions of southern Chile. Mixing lyrical and choral songs, an instrumental orchestra, contemporary dance, hip hop and circus, Pinnochio gives life to a surprising staging that brings together more than 100 artists on stage.

Gloria Bruni’s musical work, with the original text by Ursel Scheffler, has been presented in Italy, Germany and Belarus. Currently, it has the staging and integral design of La Llave Maestra, the musical direction of Helmut Reichel and the participation of students from the dance, choral and instrumental areas of the Teatro del Lago School of the Arts, along with outstanding guest artists such as soprano Marcela González in the role of Pinocchio; Arturo Jiménez, bass-baritone as Gepetto; María José Uribarri in the role of Grillo; Florencia Romero, mezzo-soprano as the Cat and baritone Franklin Delima as the Fox.


Music: Gloria Bruni
Text: Ursel Scheffler
Spanish adaptation: Camila Botero
Musical Director: Helmuth Reichel Silva
Stage Direction, Lighting, Costumes and Set Design: La Llave Maestra
Chorus Direction: Margot Pares Reyna, Jessica Rivas
Assistant Director: Pablo Silva
Choreography Direction: Rita Rossi
Circus: José Córdova, Circo Frutillar


Pinocchio: Marcela González, soprano
Gepetto: Arturo Jiménez, barítono
Grillo: María José Uribarri, mezzosoprano
Zorro: Franklin Delima, barítono
Fairy: Jessica Rivas, soprano
Cat: Florencia Romero, mezzosoprano

Whalers and Spirits of the Forest Choir: Students from the Teatro del Lago choir schools.
Puppets: Students of the Teatro del Lago dance school.