Children from Winnipeg

Created by La Llave Maestra, the play is an invitation to immerse oneself in historical memory; to pay a special tribute to all the girls and boys who travelled aboard the Winnipeg, the ship of hope, and to all those who made possible the journey of more than two thousand five hundred survivors of the Spanish Civil War and their arrival in Chile in 1939.

Four children, four portraits speak to us with innocence of a crucial episode that intertwines Chilean and Spanish history; that begins sadly and fortunately ends with a great lesson of solidarity towards those most in need.

Mario tells us about his sorrows, Angelines tries to understand, Montse asks the stars to be with her father again and Juan is afraid to ride a boat.

A family show, where music, objects and dolls will stimulate the imagination of young and old.

This play has been created from historical research and conversations with survivors of the Winnipeg. The play is based on the experience and point of view of the children and their particular way of seeing and living the hard events they had to go through; the war, the flight, the exile.

Dramaturgy: Edurne Rankin
Directed by: Edurne Rankin / Alvaro Morales
Set design: Alvaro Morales
Costume Design: Edurne Rankin
Costume designer: Gabriela Santibañez
Music: Gorka Pastor

Duration: 50 minutes

 «Children from Winnipeg is a splendid play. The actress is wonderful and the scenery beautiful and minimalist, with paper boats and a story that everyone should study. It is about the world of war and its ravages, told through a moving fable for children that touches adults and all of us who witness it.”»

César Brie, founder of the Teatro de Los Andes