Parallel to the creation of shows, La Llave Maestra constantly develops other creative projects in various artistic languages, both within the company and in collaboration with other institutions and artists. Always experimenting and creating from the seal of the company where the game, surprise and simplicity, unveil poetic universes where reality acquires new meanings.

Multidisciplinary shows, operas, dance, contemporary circus, short animation films, video dance or photography are some of the creative projects that the company has developed in collaboration with artists and theaters in Chile and Spain such as; CircusTanzia Company (Spain), La Ortiga TDS (Spain), Circo del Mundo (Chile), Teatro del Lago (Chile), Diminuto Circus (Chile), Centro Cultural de España (Chile), Subhira (Chile) among others.

Radio theatre

In 2021, in the midst of the pandemic and in co-production with the Santiago a Mil Festival, we made a radio theater adaptation of our play Children from Winnipeg, creating an immersive play to navigate with eyes closed.

Children from Winnipeg, Theater to navigate with eyes closed re-creates the hard journey of exile told through the eyes of four children, who take us to navigate through their stories and their particular vision of the tragic reality of war, pain and the encounter with a new hope.

Mario tells us of his sorrows, Angelines strives to understand the world, Montse asks the stars to be with her father again and Juan is afraid to ride a boat.

Created by the company La Llave Maestra, this play is an invitation to immerse oneself in historical memory; to pay a special tribute to all the girls and boys who traveled aboard the Winnipeg, the ship of hope, and to all those who made possible the voyage of more than two thousand five hundred survivors of the Spanish Civil War and their arrival in Chile in 1939.


Dramaturgy: Edurne Rankin García
Directed by:
Edurne Rankin y Álvaro Morales
Edurne Rankin
Music: Gorka Pastor
Guitar in “Mix Violeta Parra”:
Simón González
Sound and mixing:
Cristóbal Carvajal
Photography: Álvaro Morales
La Llave Maestra
Fundación Teatro a Mil