Ladies and Gentlemen, come in to see BESTIARY…!!!!

…… a surprising show of masks and physical theater that delves into the poetic universe of a child and his imaginary circus, full of fantastic beings.

…..Pass by and come face to face with toads, bugs, worms and giant butterflies….. pass by and see….!!!!

BESTIARY is a visual, surprising and playful show that delves into the fantastic universe of a circus tamer and his extravagant animals, transporting the spectator to a poetic, comic and wonderful world where everything is possible!

Developed from an investigation of the natural world and its transposition to the stage through the animation of objects, masks and the poetics of the body in movement, Bestiary is born as the first show of La Llave Maestra.

BESTIARY is the first show of LA LLAVE MAESTRA and is developed from an investigation around full face masks and the movement of animals, insects and fantastic beings.  Created in co-production with the Teatro Gayarre of Pamplona in 2010.

In 2012 BESTIARY was one of the 8 European companies awarded with the E-MIX seal of quality by the EUROPEAN NETWORK FOR MIME AND VISUAL THEATER.

BESTIARY has performed in Festivals and Theaters in Chile, Spain, Bosnia, Turkey and Brazil.

BESTIARY has been presented in Festivals and Theaters in Chile, Spain, Bosnia, Turkey and Brazil.


Collective creation
Directed by: Álvaro Morales Lifschitz
Original Cast: Edurne Rankin / Ion Barbarin / Izaskun Mujika / Patxi Larrea /Aintzane Baleztena
Chilean Cast: Edurne Rankin / Patricia Raths / Camila Rojas / Roberto Cobían / Mario Espinosa
Music: Gorka Pastor
Sound technician: Teto Irisarri
Set design: Ion Barbarin / Patxi Larrea
Costumes: Edurne Rankin
Masks: La Llave Maestra
Lighting design: Patxi Larrea
Lighting: Álvaro Morales
Graphic design: Álvaro Morales
Sound and lighting technicians Chile: Walter Gónzalez / Diana Fraczinet
Production: La Llave Maestra
Co-producers: Teatro Gayarre de Pamplona
Premiere: Febrero 2011, Escuela Navarra de Teatro, Pamplona, España

Funded by:
Teatro Principal Gayarre of Pamplona, La Llave Maestra

 «A story without a story, a tale without words, an authentic emotion that needs no explanation.»

Jonás Sainz – Spain