LA LLAVE MAESTRA, in parallel to its creative work, constantly carries out workshops and seminars of introduction, training and deepening to physical, visual and object theater, through its methodology of research and creation around movement, gesture and visual poetry.

We develop courses and seminars of acting and creative improvement for professionals of the performing arts, introductory courses and approach to theatrical creation for amateurs, educators and artists from other disciplines, courses specially designed for social risk groups such as immigrants and refugees, as well as spaces for laboratories, experimentation and reflection on the body, movement, nature and consciousness intertwined with professionals from various disciplines.

In these workshops we share our creative research methodology, which is mainly based on the observation of nature and its poetic transposition into the body and movement. We work with tools from physical gestural theater, dance, somatic techniques, visual arts, theories of play and visual poetry as a starting point towards the creation and communication of the performers with the audience.

During these years we have given courses for actors, dancers, circus artists and artists from other disciplines as well as to students, political refugees, immigrants and educators in Chile, Spain, Belgium, USA, France, Brazil, Costa Rica, Bolivia and Taiwan.

Imaginary School

A space for training and deepening in Visual Theater, aimed at professional performing artists who want to acquire new tools for creation and research around the poetics of the image, the body and objects.

THE IMAGINARY SCHOOL is a place of encounter and convergence of different disciplines of the performing arts around the creation of a theater full of new possibilities, where imagination, ingenuity, surprise, humor, visual poetry and the improbable become possible thanks to the playful and creative virtuosity of the interpreters.

The Imaginary School is designed as an intensive laboratory of creation and research around the poetic and dramatic relationship of the body, objects, materials and space in order to bring new scenic possibilities to the creation and projects of the participants.