Paper Deliriums

“A blank sheet of paper, a world to discover, a universe waiting to be created…”.

Paper deliriums is a playful and surprising show that dives into the infinite expressive possibilities of paper, giving life to comic, poetic and suggestive micro stories, which capture on stage an eccentric, surreal and delirious universe.

Paper deliriums is an astonishing show, a gestural scenic journey that jumps the barriers of the rational, to stimulate the imaginary and the playful spirit of the spectator.

A huge blank sheet of paper in the middle of the stage is the backdrop that begins this delirious scenic journey.

Through different short scenes, a playful puzzle is created that constantly surprises the spectator with new stories, absurd situations and poetic scenic moments that make the audience travel actively and creatively through a surprising and innovative performance.

Paper deliriums was premiered in Pamplona, Spain, in June 2011 and since then has performed more than 200 performances in theatres and Festivals in Spain, Turkey, Holland, Taiwan, Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica and Chile.

Directed by: Edurne Rankin, Álvaro Morales
Cast: Edurne Rankin Edurne Rankin / Roberto Cobian / Marcela Burgos / Mario Espinosa
Music: Gorka Pastor
Sound and lighting: Álvaro Morales
Set and costumes design: La Llave Maestra
Lighting design: Álvaro Morales
Production: Edurne Rankin, Álvaro Morales

Funded by:
Teatro Principal Gayarre of Pamplona, La Llave Maestra

 «The satisfaction of having participated in a beautiful madness, in the communicational delirium of some singular artists who interpret their roles in an exquisite way, with an excellent apparent simplicity”. A show that deserves to have space in any programming»

Carlos Gil, Gara News, Spain