Parallel to the creation of shows, La Llave Maestra constantly develops other creative projects in various artistic languages, both within the company and in collaboration with other institutions and artists. Always experimenting and creating from the seal of the company where the game, surprise and simplicity, unveil poetic universes where reality acquires new meanings.

Multidisciplinary shows, operas, dance, contemporary circus, short animation films, video dance or photography are some of the creative projects that the company has developed in collaboration with artists and theaters in Chile and Spain such as; CircusTanzia Company (Spain), La Ortiga TDS (Spain), Circo del Mundo (Chile), Teatro del Lago (Chile), Diminuto Circus (Chile), Centro Cultural de España (Chile), Subhira (Chile) among others.


During 2020, in the middle of the quarantine period, the company found a new way to approach the public, through a series of audiovisual tales, created especially from home with the stop motion technique,

touching stories that invite the soul to fly towards imagination, contact with nature and dreams.

An Infinite Hug

An Infinite Hug is the story of June, a little girl who goes on a wonderful journey towards the discovery of a long and dreamed of encounter.

The life of the clouds

THE LIFE OF THE CLOUDS is the story of a fundamental question: Are the clouds alive? If they are alive, do the clouds die? And if they die, how are they born? Faced with these questions, June embarks on a journey into nature to discover the secret of the life of clouds.

To Live is to Fly

To Live is to Fly is the story of a dream, of the sensations and adventures that happen to us when we dream. In this story, June embarks on a dreamlike journey into her inner self and takes us into the sensations she experiences when she dreams!

Paloma has a freckle

Paloma has a freckle. A freckle is the part of her body she likes the least. However, through her imagination and creativity, Paloma will realize that her freckle can become her best friend.

Am I a cloud?

A curious cloud wanders through the sky while observing everything that happens on earth. It would like to watch, it would like to listen to how Juana is called by her Mama, it would like to taste all the colors of nature and take a walk in the forest.

At night when I don't sleep....I dance

Video dance created in quarantine, which narrates the poetic encounter between a mother and her daughter during the eternal sleepless nights. A transmutation of the tiredness of the nights in a choreography of creative possibilities and an ode to the strength of tenderness.
Official selection of the Festival of video dance Bestias Danzantes.


Direction: Álvaro Morales and Edurne Rankin
Text and Voice: Edurne Rankin
Animation and Art Direction: Álvaro Morales
Editing: Mauricio Catalán (Un Abrazo Infinito), Felipe Morales (La Vida de las Nubes y La Vida es Vuelo)


  • Frédéric Chopin Nocturnes in Life is Flight, An Infinite Embrace and Life of the Clouds.
  • George Händel Minuet in G minor / interpreter Gorka Pastor in At night when I don’t sleep….I dance

Production: La Llave Maestra