Deliriums of Paper

“A White Paper, A world to discover a universe waiting to be created …”

“Una enorme hoja en blanco, Un mundo por descubrir, un universo que espera para ser creado…”

An enormous white paper sheet in the middle of the stage is the beggining of this delirant escenic travel.
Through various short scenes, the perfomers creates a funny puzzle that constantly surprises the viewer with new stories, absurd situations and poetic moments, that make the audience participe actively and creatively in a show surprising and different.

DELIRIUMS OF PAPER , is a fun and joyful show that dives into the expressive possibilities of paper, to give life to different micro stories, comic, poetic and
evocative, that creates an eccentric, surreal and crazy world on stage.

DELIRIUMS OF PAPER, is an amazing show, a visual and non verbal journey that jumps the rational barriers to stimulate the imagination and the playful spirit of the viewer