La Llave Maestra and Teatro de Ocasión, touring Japan as part of the Foco Chile at the Ricca Ricca Festa Okinawa Festival and its extensions

Dear friends and family of Teatro de Ocasion and La Llave Maestra,
we are happy to tell you that in July we will be flying to Japan 🇯🇵 to be part of the official programme of the wonderful Ricca Ricca Festa festival that will take us to perform 28 shows in total, in Okinawa and 12 other cities in Japan.
This year, the Festival will hold a Foco Chile, where both companies will perform performances, talks open to the public and a talk about the creation and development of the performing arts for family audiences and young audiences in the country, in front of more than 100 programmers from Asia, Europe and North America.
La Llave Maestra will perform 13 performances of Pareidolia in 8 cities; Kawasaki, Naha, Ginoza, Nishihara, Kikugawa, Shizuoka, Yamaga and Kumamoto.