Premiere of La Voz de los 80 in Teatro Nescafé de las Artes

Álvaro Morales, co-director of La Llave Maestra, has written and directed the new contemporary circus show La Voz de los 80, for the company El Circo del Mundo Chile.

After 3 months of intense work, La Voz de los 80 will premiere at the Teatro Nescafé de las Artes on June 3, 4 and 5 at 20:00 hrs.

La Voz de los 80 is a circus-like journey into memory. It is a reminder in fragments, images and movement, of the turbulent decade of the 80’s, where a Chile darkened and wounded by the mantle of dictatorship, begins to lose its fear to rise up with hope and strength for a free and democratic country.

The powerful music of Los Prisioneros is the soundtrack that reactivates memories and relives the crucial moments of a tragic and contradictory decade.

Circus, dance and theater intermingle to create an intense, moving and necessary show to remember a fundamental part of our history.