Stories to watch and listen with FAMFEST, Unicef and Amanuta

Due to the pandemic, UNICEF, together with Teatro Mori-FamFest, Amanuta publishing house and ADN radio, have come together to create the project “At home: stories to watch and listen”, which will allow adults and children to enjoy Chilean children’s stories that will be transmitted through the air by ADN twice a day, and will also be available in audio and audiovisual capsules through the web, which have sign language to facilitate their access to all boys and girls between 3 and 12 years.

In addition, each story will be dramatized and set to music by various Chilean family theater companies, such as Tryo Teatro, Silencio Blanco, Teatro de Ocasión, La Llave Maestra and Los Fi, and at the end will have recreational activities for families to perform together.

La Llave Maestra, made 2 stories: Auxilio Socorro and El Niño y La Ballena.

You can see these stories at this link: