In this 7 years, the company has received several awards and recognition for it´s work in Europe and South America.


In 2012 BESTIARY was awarded by the European Network for Mime and Visual Theater with the QUALITY LABEL, for it contribution to the visual theater. This award was given only to 8 companies in Europe.

AECID and spain theater network.

BESTIARY was selected in 2012 and 2013 as part of the AECID catalog to represent Spanish Culture abroad.

BESTIARY AND DELIRIUMS OF PAPER, were recommended shows by the Spanish Theater Network.

FONDART 2014, 2016 

LA LLAVE MAESTRA won the cultural national grant in Chile in 2014 and 2016 for touring with the shows all around the country.


In December 2012, the Anfiteatro de Bellas Artes, nder the direction of Jaime Lorca, gave the company the award PAR DE LA ADMIRACION for oue show Deliriums of Paper.


In 2015 LA LLAVE MAESTRA was the unique chilean company to get the Iberoamerican grant IBERESCENA for the coproduction of it´s new play NOMADS.


In 2017 LA LLAVE MAESTRA get a National Grant of the Cultural Goberment Council, to make an investigation in Visual and Object Theater