Games to activate the imagination

La Llave Maestra Theater Company

Shapes come to life, plastic oceans dance like giant waves.

A poetic and comical universe within our daily experiences waits to be discovered.

This is a wordless journey into the imagination, where all one has to do is playfully observe the things that surround us every day.

PAREIDOLIA is the mind’s capacity to recognize concrete shapes in abstract forms, like when we look at the clouds, spots on the walls, or the grain in the wood.

PAREIDOLIA is set out as a visual and sensory spectacle, where the piece’s expressive strength is rooted in its creativity, and in the constant game of transformation of stage elements, in the service of amazing visual associations, analogies and metaphors, capable of creatively making the spectator participate.

This is an invitation to let go into the world of imagination, and to open the senses to sensory, auditory and visual pleasure of objects, bodies and matter.

The show is structured almost like a game, in complicity with the audience, where spectators will be able to look, but also touch, and be touched, by elements, materials and characters born in a fantastic universe where anything can come to life.

GENRE: Object and Visual Theater

SPECTATORS: All Audiences (Children 8 and over)