Children From Winnipeg

CHILDREN FROM WINNIPEG it´s a one woman show, where the texts and music has been created specially to honor the memory of all those kids that travel in the Winnipeg, the ship that Pablo Neruda brought form France to Chile, to save the refugees of the Spanish Civil War in 1938.

The actress will tell us the story through the eyes of 4 kids that travel inside the ship. Mario tell us about his pains, Angelines hardly try to understand, Montse pray fot the stars to return her father back and John it´s afraid to ge tinto the ship.

4 children, 4 portraits that talk us with innocence about a crucial episode that intertwines the Chilean History with Spanish history. A story that begins sad but ends with a great teaching of solidarity to the refugees. Ends with reality becoming a poetry.

The show is created with live music, object animation and Little puppets that stimulated the children imagination.
The story has been created with an investigation and historical research, and conversations with survivors of the Winnipeg.