The Carnival of Animals

Ballet of forms and objects

La Llave Maestra and the Valdivia´s Chamber Orchestra join forces to bring to life The Carnival of the Animals, the famous musical suite created by the French composer Camille Saint Säenz.

Elephants, turtles, swans, whales, jellyfish, giraffes, dragonflies, manta rays and the most unusual creatures of the animal kingdom take the stage in a magnificent journey of movement, shapes and objects that will transport the spectator to the heart of the animal world.

Conceived as an ode to animal beauty and majesty, The Carnival of the Animals, a ballet of shapes and objects, is a surprising show. An invitation to contemplate with open senses and let oneself be carried away by music, creativity and visuality.

In times of ecological catastrophe, we believe it is urgent to reconnect with the majesty of animals and give them a great collective tribute that highlights their strength, poetry and importance for life on the planet.

To complete this scenic journey through the animal world, we have added to the original suite by Camille Saint Säenz, the work Danza Macabra by the same composer and Claude Debussy’s Moonlight.

Original Music:
Carnival of the Animals and Dance Macabre; Camille Saint Säenz Moonlight; Claude Debussy
Directed by:
Edurne Rankin and Álvaro Morales
Cast La Llave Maestra: Edurne Rankin, Marcela Burgos, Magdalena Lecaros, Diego Acuña, Juan Pablo Neira.
Choreographic advisor: Esdras Hernández Integral design: Edurne Rankin and Álvaro Morales Set design: Gabriela González, Antonia Arriaza, Andrés Moreno, La Llave Maestra.
Masks: Gabriela González, Antonia Arriaza, Nicole Salgado.
Costume making: Sergio Aravena.
Original idea graphic design: Álvaro Morales Graphic Design: Liza Retamal.
Valdivia´s Chamber Orchestra
Musical Director: Rodolfo Fischer
Guest Director: Alejandra Rivas
Pianists: Danor Quinteros, Marco Antonio Cuevas.

Project financed by:
Fondo Nacional de Fomento y Desarrollo de las Artes Escénicas, convocatoria 2023 Corporación Municipal de Valdivia.
Co-produced by: Espacio Checoeslovaquia, La Llave Maestra, Orquesta de Cámara de Valdivia.
In collaboration with: Gore región de los Ríos, Asociación patrimonial cultural de los Ríos, Teatro Cervantes de Valdivia.